Anaya Tech

Anaya Tech enables connectivity to power the fast growing communication needs

From the telephony introduced by Alexander Graham Bell to smartphones today, the world of telecommunications keeps evolving continuously . At Anaya Tech, we understand the importance of seamless communication and the network requirements to make this happen. As part of teams that pioneered ASIC designs for new-age telecom connectivity, Anaya Tech has the knowhow and expertise for various kinds of system designs ranging from Networking & Mobile Backhaul Equipment, VoIP, and PoE to Tele-protection & Smart Grid, With the evolution of 5G and IOT, we also help enterprises to seamlessly integrate their legacy networks with new age technologies in an AI world


  • Extensive Domain knowledge and Founder Patents in Telecom
  • System Design Expertise over Hardware, FPGA & Embedded Software
  • Complex FPGA Designs for better accuracy & reduced latency
  • Design & Verification IP designs
  • Application SW design and API integration
  • Regulatory Compliances for different kinds of Telecom equipment
  • Chassis/Plug-in and Pizza-Box Designs

Case Studies

  • Timing & Synchronization – NTP, PTP/IEEE 1588, High precision Clock Recovery & Distribution
  • Ethernet over PDH Gateways
  • SDH/SONET Add Drop Multiplexers
  • Tele-protection over IP/MPLS
  • GSM/4G IOT Gateways
  • PoE Power Sourcing Equipment
  • VoIP Gateway
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