Anaya Tech

Ready to Deploy Solutions for Signaling, Safety & Communications

Railways are vital to efficient transportation of both people and goods. Our focus is on using modern technology to make it more reliable and safe

From traditional analog designs, Railway equipment is now moving to modern designs that are more reliable, fail-safe, and user friendly. Anaya Tech has been at the forefront of innovation in Track signaling systems, Inter-locking Systems, Communications Modems, Remote Telemetry Units and Data converters that meet stringent RDSO standards. These equipment, armed with excellent processing and decision-making logic, are also cost efficient and meet critical fail-safety requirements at both hardware and software levels. Various diagnostic features are offered to make the maintenance easier and predictive.


  • Complete expertise across Hardware, FPGA and Application SW design
  • Analogue, Digital and Mixed-Signal Designs
  • Designs proven for both hardware and logic upto Safety Integrity Level – 4 (SIL-4) fail-safety requirements
  • Qualified for EMI/EMC as per CENELAC standards 
  • User-friendly interfaces for field configurability 
  • Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance Features
  • Conformal Coating for operations under all field conditions

Case Studies

  • Single & Multi-Section Axle Counting Systems
  • Inter-Locking System Software
  • Communication Modems (FSK, E1, Optical)
  • Remote Telemetry Unit
  • Serial Data Converters
  • Passenger Information Systems (PIS)
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