Anaya Tech

Helping Designs meet International Regulatory Compliances

Navigating the complex landscape of certifications and regulatory compliance is essential for any commercial or military-grade product success. At Anaya Tech, we offer expert assistance to guide our clients through this intricate process.

We provide comprehensive support, starting from the initial assessment of certification requirements. Our experienced professionals assist in preparing all necessary documentation, coordinating with certification authorities, and conducting pre-certification tests. We streamline the certification process, ensuring that our clients’ products are compliant with regional, national, and international regulations. Whether it’s CE, FCC, or any other relevant certification, Anaya Tech’s expertise ensures that your products meet the highest quality and safety standards.


  • Schematic and Layout level inputs and techniques to minimize emissions in final product
  • MIL Grade (MIL-STD-461) compliance
  • Commercial & Industrial Grade (CE/FCC/CISPR) compliance
  • IEC ESD/EFT/SURGE Compliance
  • Design compliance to Environmental Stress Screening (Thermal/Vibration)
  • Tie-Ups with third party labs for pre-compliance and compliance testing


  • Filter Designs for Conductive Emission regulation on Power and Signal Ports
  • Differential and common mode elements’ design and selection
  • Frequency Dithering Techniques
  • ESD and surge arrestor circuit designs
  • Design Simulations
  • Enclosure designs and sealing for Radiation Emission and Immunity
  • SMPS Designs
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