Anaya Tech

Optimized & Secure Software Embedded into Hardware Platforms

Anaya Tech offers a complete spectrum of Embedded Design services from Architecture and implementation to testing and sustenance. We understand that embedded software forms the backbone of various devices, from IoT sensors to sophisticated medical equipment. Therefore, our approach is rooted in precision and adaptability.

We pride ourselves on creating firmware and software applications that seamlessly integrate with hardware components, ensuring optimal functionality. The team also works on different real-time operating systems, low-level hardware interactions, and communication protocols. We optimize code for resource-constrained environments, enabling devices to operate smoothly even with limited processing power and memory.


  • Firmware Design
  • BSP (Board Support Packages) & Device Driver development
  • Single to Multi-Core processor based development
  • RTOS porting
  • Board bring-up and integration with hardware components
  • Efficient Debug methodologies
  • Proven techniques for Power Optimization in sensing and wearable devices
  • Support for various Tool Chain & IDEs


  • C, C++, Python, Assembly Languages
  • ARM & Atom Processor Cores
  • Digital Signal Processors
  • Secure boot & Encryption
  • IDEs – TI CCStudio, Microchip Studio, STM32 Cube
  • Compilers, Debuggers, Emulators & Protocol Analyzers for all major vendors
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