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Anaya Tech manufactures and offers top-quality industrial grade Interface Converters tailored for various applications.

These converters are designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability and efficiency in industrial settings. With Anaya Tech’s Interface Converters, devices can seamlessly connect to different devices and systems over a long distance, enhancing communication and productivity. These reliable converters display Anaya Tech’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for industrial needs, making complex connections simple, effortless, and efficient.

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From Serial to Fiber, FSK to E1 – Choose Your Connectivity Solution

Serial to Fiber Converter

Serial to Fiber Converters, offered by Anaya Tech, bridge the gap between traditional serial communication devices and modern fiber optic networks. These compact and efficient devices translate serial data into optical signals, enabling seamless communication over long distances via fiber optic cables.

Serial to E1 Converter

Serial to E1 Converters, a specialized solution by Anaya Tech, serve as essential bridges in communication networks. They play a pivotal role by converting serial data signals into E1 signals, which are widely used in digital telecommunications.

FSK to Fiber Converter

Anaya Tech FSK to Fiber Converter is a specialized device designed to convert Voice-band analog FSK signals, commonly used in various communication systems, into optical signals suitable for fiber optic transmission.

FSK to E1 Converter

FSK to E1 Converter is a specialized device designed to convert Voice-band analog FSK signals into E1 digital signal to carry it over the E1 links or the existing PDH/SDH network and re-convert it back to the FSK signal at the other end of the network.

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