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Pioneering Complex VLSI Designs with Decades of Proven Expertise

With 25+ years of VLSI design experience, our FPGA designs are characterized by flexibility and adaptability in dynamic environments. Key advantage is “No compromise” on performance with “greater flexibility” to use same hardware for variety of applications. FPGAs can be upgraded in the field for feature upgrades and bug fixes unlike ASIC. Parallel pipelined processing and ability to customize hardware makes it a perfect choice for high performance, low latency and highly secure systems. 

SoC-FPGA(System On Chip) have both FPGA core and embedded (hard/soft) processor cores  integrated on same silicon, with software flexibility and hardware performance. Today SoC-FPGA finds place in majority of systems as it helps reduce board space by putting in majority of processing elements in single silicon, lowering component count and securing systems against cloning giving a competitive edge.

ASICs offer unparalleled performance and efficiency, making them ideal for applications where speed and power consumption are critical considerations.

 Our focus on optimization, reliability, and scalability ensures that our FPGA and ASIC designs empower clients to achieve unparalleled levels of performance and functionality in their products.


  • High definition image and video processing.
  • High Speed Serial Interfaces like PCIe Gen 1/2/3/4, GbE, HDMI, XAUI, RapidIO & 12G-SDI 
  • High-speed memory interfaces like DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, QDR II, RLDRAM, High Bandwidth Memory (HBM)
  • High Rate ADC and DAC interfaces with 1 GSPS sampling/conversion rates
  • Timing Protocols and Clock Recovery
  • Time distribution over network (SyncE, IEEE1588v2/3)
  •  Legacy Protocols like E1/T1/IEEE C37.94
  • Low Speed Protocols like I2C, Quad SPI, UART, 
  • Embedded SW development on SOC-FPGA and standalone processors


  • Xilinx Vivado and ISE (Platform Studio, System Generator, IP Integrator, ILA)
  • LatticeIspLEVER and Lattice Diamond
  • Microsemi Libero
  • Synplify Pro
  • Mentor ModelSim and Mentor Questa
  • Partnerships with major EDA and FPGA vendors
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