ASIC Design

Team Anaya with it's extensive experience in architecture design and RTL coding had done many complex designs which have seen many successful silicon tapeouts. We spacialize in Telecom, Networking, Multimedia technologies but our capabilities allow us to work for any technology where our customers are looking for digital design and coding expertise. Depending on the mode that suits our customer, we can work as part of their team or can take up the whole project responsibility.  



Digital design for ASIC and FPGA technologies 
Architecture development as per customer specification
Detailed design development and coding 
Low power design
ECO support
Toplevel Integration
Design optimizations based on FPGA architecture
Embedded Processors like microblaze etc. 
Expertise in Complete FPGA Flow
Extensive experience in Timing closure through constraints and design optimizations
Incircuit debugging through on-chip probes


Proficient in Verilog, VHDL


Perl, Tcl, Python
Expertise in flow Automation


Memories - DDR2/3, Telecom - PDH/Sonet/SDH, Networking - L2/L3 metro ethernet switch, High speed Video Interconnects - HDMI,MHL,DisplayPort, Slow interfaces - I2C, SPI etc.,Processor Bus -  AXI4